Special Committees!

Like the annuals in our gardens, PLGC Special Committees may change annually or even seasonally. *

AWARDS — Identifies PLGC activities that may be eligible for a State, Regional or National award/grant and oversees the application process.

BLUE STAR MEMORIAL — Organizes and oversees care of the Blue Star Memorial in front of the Plantation Lakes Community Center.

COMMUNITY BEAUTIFICATION — May Baskets — Oversees the annual display of May Baskets in the community on May 1.

COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION — Collaborates with other community organizations in Plantation Lakes to plan and conduct community events.

FLOWER SHOW— all aspects of any PLGC sponsored NGC flower show

NEWSLETTER — Prepares the monthly PLGC newsletter and submits information/photos to the DFGC and CAR-SGC newsletters upon request.

PENNY PINES — Oversees PLGC participation in the NGC/USDA Forest Service partnership that helps to restore trees indigenous to an area destroyed by fire, flood or other natural catastrophe.

PUBLIC EDUCATION — Conducts activities that promote our club objective to non- members in our community.

SCHOLARSHIP — Supports the DFGC scholarship program though the annual purchase of a DFGC Life Membership that is awarded to a PLGC member.

SUNSHINE — Recommends to the board the use of designated funds to deliver a meal to a temporarily disable member

WEBSITE — Shares information online with members, neighbors, and others about PLGC activities.

YEARBOOK — Oversees the preparation of the annual club yearbook and prepares the DFGC award application form with the two copies of the yearbook for submission by October 1st deadline

YOUTH ACTIVITIES — Oversees and plans PLGC activities that encourage youth to experience garden and nature.

* PLGC Special Committees conduct activities that are beyond the scope of any standing committee.