We are proud to be affiliated with the National, Central, and State Garden Clubs

Plantation Lakes Garden Club is proud to be a member of National Garden Clubs, Inc., (NGC), Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. (DFGC), and Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs, Inc. (CAR-SGC). With thousands of garden clubs worldwide under the umbrella of these organizations, the opportunities for learning and networking are unlimited!

Why an Affiliate?

Affiliation with these organizations provide our club and members with resources and opportunities that independent clubs cannot even imagine.

  • PUBLICATIONS — The National Gardener (an online monthly publication), children’s books, the Vision of Beauty annual calendar and floral design photo book, online blog and more.
  • CONFERENCES AND MEETINGS — World-class programs by experts on topics of interest to garden club members PLUS the opportunity to meet and network with others who share our interests throughout our state, region, country and abroad.
  • GRANTS — Plantations Lake Garden Club has received two grants in our short six years: an Espoma grant for our gardening project at Atlantic Shores and an Ames Tool grant for our children’s garden.
  • LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES — Four members of our small club serve (or have served) on the State, Region or National Board of Directors and enjoy wonderful new friendships and experiences with others who share our interests.
  • SCHOOLS — Environmental School, Landscaping School, Flower Show School, Gardening School… These exceptional educational programs are available to interested members.
National Garden Clubs, Inc

National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC) is composed of garden clubs in fifty states and the National Capital Area. There are now over 5,000 member garden clubs and 175,000 members. More than 60 organizations across the nation are affiliated with NGC and there are more than 300 affiliated organizations around the globe.

NGC provides education resources and national networking opportunities for members to promote the love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility – while encouraging member clubs to put these resources to work in their own states and communities.

The first known garden club in America was founded in 1891 by The Ladies Garden Club of Athens, Georgia. The Garden Club of America, established in 1913, was the first national federation of garden clubs, followed in 1929 by the National Council of State Garden Clubs, which is National Garden Clubs, Inc. today.



Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and the National Capital Region are members of Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs (CAR-SGC). This organization combines the talents and resources of area-wide gardeners to enrich opportunities for all of us.

PLANT AMERICA – Let’s Get Growing! is the theme chosen by the 2021-2023 CAR-SGC Director, Betty Cookendorfer of Ohio. Her project is All Things Virtual – Let’s Get Connected!

Plans for the 2023 CAR-SGC Conference have not yet been announced. Check back here after the NGC meeting in May for information about the next CAR-SGC Conference.



Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs (DFGC) was established in 1958 to encourage the interests of member clubs and promote collaboration through association, correspondence, and conference. Since then, the Federation has educated member clubs in all phases of gardening, floral design, landscape design, environmental concerns, and civic development.

The state organization and member clubs support the ongoing and special projects of NGC and CAR in addition to projects that are unique to Delaware and the local area.

GROW LOCALLY is DFGC President Barb DeRue’s theme for the 2021-2023 Administration. Delaware garden clubs continue to support our Garden for Families of the Fallen at Fisher House, Dover Air Force Base, and TREE-mendous Delaware Tree Planting at Delaware Botanic Gardens at Pepper Creek

Visit, the official website for Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs, for more information about member clubs and their activities throughout the State.